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Introducing the...
When your students struggle with...
  • Idea Generation
  • Problem Validation
  • Customer Interviews

EXEC engages them in the entrepreneurial experience.

Eric Liguori

Rohrer Professional Chair of Entrepreneurship
Rowan University

"This approach to learning is just what students need.
I'm excited to continue integrating it into my classroom!"

20 Experiential Exercises

Teach entrepreneurial principles inside or outside the classroom.

Idea Generation

Problem Validation

Customer Interviews

Experiment Design

Revenue Modeling

Many more...

Replace Lectures with Labs

9 skill-based, immersive group experiences.

Problem Storming

Help your students discover the problems they are passionate about solving.

60 Minute MVP

Teach them about MVPs, by having them build one.

Speed Interviewing

Give your students the confidence to talk to real customers.

No More Textbooks

Flip the classroom with exercises, labs, and instructional videos.

Christoph Winkler

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Long Island University - Brooklyn

"The skills students acquire through this kind of curriculum will set them apart after college."


Like a traditional textbook...

Each student purchases lifetime access for $99.

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  • Can I view the content?

    Yes! We’ve created initial drafts of the entrepreneuship modules. When you request access to the curriculum, you will be granted permission to view those draft modules.

  • What format is the EXEC content?

    EXEC is an online resource. Students can access all of the videos, digital worksheets, spreadsheets, tools and their written instructions using any modern desktop or mobile browser.

  • How do students purchase copies?

    We will give you a URL that you can send to your students where they can purchase the version of EXEC that’s customized for your course (the modules you want, in the order you want, etc.).

    Your students will purchase access to EXEC via that URL with a credit card.

    We will also work with your campus bookstore to ensure students on scholarship are able to purchase their materials.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each student purchases their own copy for $99.

  • What if I don’t teach at a college/university?

    We're currently focused on serving institions of higher education.

    That said, please feel free to request access to the curriclum and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we are able.

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Entrepreneurship Teachers

From Academia and Accelerators.

Doan Winkel

Senior Entrepreneurship Chair
John Carroll University

Justin Wilcox

Customer Development Labs

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