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Dr. Mark McNees

Entrepreneurship Educator

Florida State University

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ExEC is Used in

15-Weeks of Lessons & Exercises

Idea Generation

Help your students discover the problems they are passionate about solving.

Real Customer Interviews

Give your students the confidence to talk to real customers.

MVP Development

Teach them about MVPs,
by having them build one.

Financial Modeling

Students learn about Revenue Modeling, Pricing and how to make their Business Model financially sustainable.

Business Model Validation

Students build, launch and analyze the results of their experiments to validate their
Business Model.

In leading journals

Academy of Management Learning & Education

ExEC has been reviewed in the Academy of Management Learning & Education, the leading journal on the study of management learning and education.

Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy Journal

The 60-Minute MVP exercise, a professor & student favorite, was also published in the Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy Journal.

Dr. Judith Lewandowski

Director of Learning Design and Curriculum

University of Notre Dame, Indiana

I have 20+ years of instructional design experience... and, I'm impressed!

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Back-to-Back Winners

Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercise Competition


Assessment Rubrics and Details Grading Guidelines

Your assessments are:

  • Transparent
  • Fair
  • Rigourous

Dr. Jonathan York

Professor of Entrepreneurship

California Polytechnic State University

I am thoroughly impressed and enjoying the course. I found that the structure of ExEC was ideal for allowing me to fill in all of the accumulated “wisdom” and approaches that I have been using over 10 years.

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Your Students will Get Out in to the Real World


Idea Generation


Problem Validation


Customer Interviews


Experiment Design


Revenue Modeling


Many more...

Your Own Modules

Joe Messer

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Manchester University, Indiana

I LOVE your product, I am an entrepreneur, and even though I am not a tech guy, your content is the BEST I HAVE EVER USED. Thank you for helping me educate my students.

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Rigourous and Engaging Backgrounds Reading For Students on Many Entrepreneurial Subject




Social Entrepreneur


Family Business




Revenue Modeling


Many more...

Dr. Daniel Goering

Assistant Professor Of Management

Missouri State University

I love this curriculum, and I hope we can continue to improve it one iteration at a time. I love the work y’all are doing, and the co-creative process…it’s awesome!

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Dr. Emma Fleck

Department Head, Management and Marketing

Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania

I also teach a class using the ExEc curriculum and this is one of the most fun classes I get to enjoy. This is a hands-on experiential class which engages even the toughest student to think differently.
I've been in here since the first iteration and I have always been a huge supporter, but everything from the submission guidelines, the rubrics to the videos and beyond has far exceeded my expectations.

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Note: Schools can also purchase licenses on behalf of their students.

Dr. Mike Dominik

Entrepreneurship Lecturer

Rowan University, New Jersey

Cheaper than a textbook and teaches us valuable lessons in the business world.

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  • Can I view the content?

    Yes, absolutely! Just request a preview.

  • What format is the EXEC content?

    EXEC is an online resource. Students can access all of the videos, digital worksheets, spreadsheets, tools and their written instructions using any modern desktop or mobile browser.

  • How do students purchase copies?

    We will give you a URL that you can send to your students where they can purchase the version of EXEC that’s customized for your course (the modules you want, in the order you want, etc.).

    Your students will purchase access to EXEC via that URL with a credit card.

    We will also work with your campus bookstore to ensure students on scholarship are able to purchase their materials.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each student purchases their own copy for $99.

  • What if I don’t teach at a college/university?

    We're currently focused on serving institutions of higher education.

    That said, please feel free to request access to the curriculum and we'll get in touch with you as we have a version that's optimized for your setting.

  • What if I have another question?

    Just shoot us an email at [email protected].